The following activities could be:
  • a)sexually arousing to adults who have a sexual interest in children, and/or
  • b) used as part of the grooming process. It is important to watch for any of the following behaviours (pay attention to the frequency, intensity and any combinations of behaviours):
  • Deliberately walking in on a child who is changing or using the washroom
  • Asking or having a child watch the adult change or use the washroom
  • ‘Accidentally’ touching genitalia
  • Activities that involve the removal of clothing (massage, swimming, etc.)
  • Wrestling or roughhousing
  • Telling a child sexually explicit jokes
  • Teasing a child about breast or genital development
  • Discussing sexually explicit information while pretending to teach a child sex education
  • Bathing a child or showering with a child
  • Showing the child sexually explicit images or pornography
  • Looking at or taking pictures of children in underwear, bathing suits, dancewear, etc.
  • Making sexual comments or sharing inappropriate stories of sexual activity
  • Using physical restraint
When reflecting on someone’s behaviour, consider the following:
  • Does it seem weird?
  • Does it make you feel uncomfortable?
  • Does it seem to happen all the time or too often?
  • Has anyone else commented or noticed?